Holly Go Huckleberry Whipped Sugar Scrub

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Holly Go Huckleberry Whipped Sugar Scrub
Holly Go Huckleberry Whipped Sugar Scrub


Tart and Sweet, just like the mountain Huckleberry, Holly go Huckleberry won’t let you down. Holly is an intelligent woman that loves adventure. She will go with-or without you. Be her. Be like Holly. 

Our luxurious whipped sugar scrubs are made with natural ingredients, a blend of essential oils and fragrance, and pure cane sugar. 

They are slightly cleansing while exfoliating, so they will leave your outermost precious layer smooth and silky, and freshly cleaned! 


*Please read each individual sugar scrub description for variations in ingredients*



Cane Sugar, Goat Milk, palm oil, vegetable glycerin, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, potassium hydroxide, rice bran oil, olive oil, organic Shea butter, sodium hydroxide, grape seed oil, fragrance/essential oil, optiphen(formaldehyde free and paraben free preservative), distilled water, mica, FD&C Red #22. 

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