What goes well with pumpkin spice???

Let's Get Botanical

 Idaho Soap and Sundries is an Idaho based, woman-owned company. Our passion for plant botanicals and their amazing properties is what drives our creative process. We put that love and passion in to our formulas, and include things like locally sourced goat's milk, wild crafted florals and herbs for our oil infusions, and plant based butters to enrich our product's qualities. 

We create luxurious hand-crafted artisan soaps, superfluous bath bombs, decadent facial oils and creams, edible lip scrubs, dreamy body butter, and more! 

So go ahead...indulge!

  • An Idaho based Soap Company creating products based on what nature gives us
  • We make products for the home using natural ingredients that are good for you and our environment, from soy based candles to soaps, lotions, and more!
  • Enjoy a nice, long soak with on of our luxurious bath bombs, soaks, bath salts among others.
  • We make Salves and Balms for all skin types using botanical ingredients and plant based butters and oils.
  • We use wild crafted botanicals in our oil infusions